Mackay Children's Contact Service

Keeping in contact

The Mackay Children's Contact Service offers supervised contact visits and changeovers for children, separated parents and other family members. We help children stay connected to all members of their family after separation.

Who is the service for?

The Mackay Children's Contact Service assists families who have been through separation or divorce and are finding it difficult to manage parenting arrangements. It's for children, young people, parents and extended family.

Here for the children

Children are our focus. We aim to make them feel safe and comfortable. Our Centre is very well equipped with lots of toys, games and play equipment for children of all ages.

How does it work?

Mackay Children's Contact Service can assist families with parenting arrangements in several ways.

Changeovers are when children are calmly moved between their separated parents or other family members by a trained Supervisor. The Centre has separate car parks and entrances in Boddington and Hamlet Streets so that parties do not meet.

Supervised contact visits are two-hour blocks of time that children spend with a parent or family member at the Centre. A Supervisor is in attendance at these visits.

Off-site supervised contact visits occur at a pre-arranged venue away from the Centre. Off-site visits allow a more flexible parent and child interaction in more normalised surroundings. A Supervisor is with the family at all times.

Extended after-school hours have been implemented to ensure that after-school contact can be facilitated for the full two-hour duration, allowing for travelling time.

Skype has been implemented to assist children to stay connected with parents where circumstances make it difficult for face-to-face contact to occur.

Mackay Children's Contact Service

Mackay Children's Contact Service


Clients of the Mackay Children's Contact Service can self-refer or can be referred by their solicitor, Family Court, community agencies, family or friends.

Initial interviews

Both parties are required to book separate appointments for an initial interview. The intake process may take from 45 minutes to an hour, and we ask that any relevant paperwork such as Family Court Orders, Mediation or Parenting Orders, or DVO’s be submitted to assist in accurate recording. A photocopy of documents will be held on file for ease of access.

When both Parties have completed their intake then we are able to communicate to both parties the times and days available for contact visits or changeovers to occur.

At the initial intake interview we can establish which specific service would best suit your needs.

Information sheet

Download our information sheet for details about our services.


An initial $20 registration fee is payable by each parent using the Mackay Children's Contact Service.

Changeover Fee
$5 per changeover per parent is payable for each changeover.

Supervised Contact Fee
$30.00 per hour - Full-time employed
$15.00 per hour - Health Care Card Holders

Contact us in advance

Please contact us before using the Service, as you will be required to attend an initial interview and sign an agreement.

To assist children to feel comfortable at the Centre, we ask that they visit us before their first changeover or supervised contact.

Mackay Children's Contact Service


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